Sustainable Design  & Construction Practices

LEED Accredited Construction Company

With LEED accredited professionals on staff, our firm consistently applies the principles of United States Green Building Council LEED Building Rating System to promote renewable and alternative energy resources as well as building methods/ materials that sustain building occupant performance, and comfort, while contributing to print preservation of our environment and natural resources  

Our efforts to document the LEED applications on projects will consist of:

  • Field monitoring of LEED products.
  • Systems and components as required to achieve LEED rating.
  • Audit of specifications for manufacturer/vendor requirements and controlled conditions.
  • Recognition of non-compliance conditions and installations related to protection of indoor air quality
  • Ambient temperature and product acclimation.
  • Monitor manufacturer’s product data and documentation for energy compliant mechanical systems and devices on the site and in the buildings.
  • Monitor waste diversion and site usage of water and temporary facilities during the construction process

As your LEED Consultant we have the:

  • Technical expertise and recommendation of strategies for satisfying LEED requirements.
  • Assisting Owner and Architect in preparation and execution of sustainable design tasks related to LEED-CS rating system including:

    • Construction activity pollution prevention plan
    • Construction waste management
    • Recycled content
    • Local regional materials
    • Certified wood
    • Construction IAQ management during construction
    • Low emitting materials
    • IAQ Monitoring and management
    • Attend regularly scheduled project meetings with Owner and General Contractor
    • Thoroughly review specification sections to extract LEED attainable possible points
    • Maintain on-going logs for updates and monthly reporting for progress/deficiencies
    • Review/coordinate documentation submitted by contractors for LEED credit application