About Us

NobleStrategy is a certified M/S/DBE professional construction resource focused on delivering professional construction management services consisting of estimating, safety analysis, scheduling, sustainable design/building practices and project management to public and private entities in the commercial, education (K-12 and higher education), and government sectors. The company serves the metropolitan NY/NJ area and has offices currently located in Newark, NJ, Harlem, NY and Long Island City, NY.

NobleStrategy, Harlem Office 

NobleStrategy through its construction management & consulting operations employs licensed professionals in construction safety and project management, as well as trained business managers in strategy and solutions required in the delivery of large scale construction projects. The firm consists of 25 employees and seasonally employs consultants for specialty projects. Based on existing contracts, the firm is expected to achieve gross sales/professional services fees in excess of $3 million dollars for FY ’11.

Originally conceived in 1999 as an independent consulting firm, this Company was formed in 2002 and seeks to further develop business opportunities throughout the tri-state area. With over (90) years of collective experience managing complex school, government and commercial building projects for major entities, we are confident that our knowledge and expertise will successfully serve public agencies, private corporations and non-profit concerns.  

With the needs of urban environments in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area, including school districts, local neighborhoods, municipal services and recreational facilities, our firm is well connected to these communities and poised to translate their needs into value added performance by our team. Our key employees and managers have worked in both regions, in all capacities, including funding agency, consultant at risk, agency construction manager and school district officials, and clearly understand the needs and solutions required by these institutions. We also have successfully mentored construction firms contributing to the local landscape and assisting in the completion of critical projects, while sustaining a developing tax base and business community. Benefiting the overall community, our resources in managing energy, renewable and sustainable design/building practices have allowed successful participation in the procurement of over $250,000.00 in grants from the Board of Public Utilities.

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Newark, New Jersey Office  
NobleStrategy LLC.
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Harlem, New York Office  
NobleStrategy, NY Inc.
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